The debate… to run with? or without music?

Personally 95% of my runs are completed without music. Yes, even the long runs. I mean I understand the need or desire to listen to music while running because those long runs can be mentally draining or you find yourself thinking about all the things you use running to get away from. I’ve asked a few to give their own thoughts on this and the majority of people prefer to run with music because it helps take their mind off the run itself or helps them set and keep a pace especially if you use music of a specific tempo and tempo train with a metronome app. Me, personally I prefer to run and focus on the sound of my breathing and my feet hitting the pavement. I find that sound soothing, relaxing and honestly feel more connected when running without headphone in my ears. I had also heard that listening to audio books was a great way to take your mind off the distance as well. I tried this and it actually works better than music but its also a mental distraction. Personally I’ve tripped and fell hard twice while out on a training run and both of those time I had headphones in and may have been distracted. Another reason to train without headphones is that some races do not allow their use during the race because they want your undivided attention at any given time during that race and they may also see it as a distraction to you creating a hazard for you and the others around you. The hardest part of running is not the physical toughness but the mental toughness required to push on through the tired and aching body and if you don’t train for the races that don’t allow music then you will find it awkward and painfully more difficult. Just my 2 cents and please take it with a grain of salt because I’m no pro. Leave me your comments or suggestions below!