Welcome to my site and I hope you come back often to follow my progress throughout the year and years to come.

If you haven’t a seen any of my videos then you don’t have a clue who I am and what this is all about. Lets just say I’m your average middle class father that just got tired of feeling terrible and decided to do something about it. It really all started out in August of 2015. My job changed and I was no longer bound to a traditional office and was now one of work from home workforce that’s becoming more and more common. I really missed the social interactions and the day to day routine of getting up, showing, dropping kids off at school, heading into the office, maybe grabbing breakfast, working, lunch with friends, some more work and social interactions, the drive home, making dinner, homework, baths and the rinse and repeat of a typical daily routine. So I found myself at home, alone 9 hours a day in my office and no more meals with friends or social time while grabbing that next cup of coffee, Depression soon set in and I found myself gaining weight even faster than I had been while working in the office. Enough was enough and I decided to get a gym membership and go a few nights a week. I did that for months and the weight flew off and I started to sleep better and just felt better in general. I thought heck I’m going to see if I can run a 5k as I had always been curious about them. So the next logical step was to hit the track and build up the endurance to complete that goal and with just a week to go I managed to run 3 miles without stopping for the first time in my life. I did it! I was actually going to be able to complete that 5k and just a few days later I did just that. While training I thought to myself. “Heck if I can do a 5k then why not try for a half marathon?”. So after completing that very first 5k I started training with my teenage daughter for a half marathon to be run just 4 months away.